Please make sure your membership information is up to date. If you have changed positions, locations, or contact information let NASA know immediately to ensure your membership benefits remain active. 

If you wish to pay by credit card, please see the membership levels below and register online.
If you wish to utilize the payroll deduction option of $20 per month for Active Membership or $8.00 per month for Associate Membership please contact Alea Henderson ([email protected]) for an application packet.

Retired members have the option of yearly dues of $50 or choosing a lifetime membership of $300. Payment made be submitted by credit card online or by check.

Dr. Jeff Geihs, Incoming Executive Director
[email protected]

Dr. Margorie Conner, Deputy Executive Director
(702) 806-8031
[email protected]

Nevada Association of School Administrators
7121 W. Craig Road, Suite 113 #10  - Las Vegas, NV 89129

Active Membership or Associate Member with benefits encompasses Nevada administrators, including superintendents, supervisors, principals, assistant principals, vice principals, central office administrators, deans of students, and staff specialists.

Active membership in the Nevada Association of School Administrators (NASA) provides many statewide services.  Membership benefits include legislative representation, conferences and workshops, quarterly newsletter, $100,000 professional liability insurance policy, $5000 life insurance policy, and $5000 accidental death insurance policy. 

Even though the online membership payment portal will show the current year dates, your membership will run for an entire year from the date of your payment.  $240 annually paid online or payroll deduction.

Associate Membership encompasses ( a reduced rate with no benefits) Nevada State Department of Education staff members, department chairmen and faculty members of the Nevada College of Education system or persons designated as administrators, deans or assistant deans within the Community College system, and teachers.  $96 annually or payroll deduction.

Retired membership encompasses any retired Nevada administrator who, while working, was covered under the above two categories.

Retired Membership in the Nevada Association of School Administrators (NASA) benefits includes staying current and relevant in education through conferences and workshops, and the quarterly newsletter. $50 annually.